Feb 27, 2017

"Billy With Social Security"

     From The Gazette of Colorado Springs:
Lately I've heard from a half a dozen people who have gotten phone calls from "Billy with Social Security." ... We can tell you "Billy" is not an employee of the Social Security Administration. ... They say that Billy claimed he could help them get disability payments from Social Security if they would share some of their personal information with him. ...
According to the Office of the Inspector General, which prevents and detects fraud in the Social Security Administration, they hear about crooks impersonating their employees. I'm told the intent may be to steal your identity or raid your bank account. They may ask for your Social Security number, date of birth, your mother's maiden name, or your bank account information. Those should be red flags. Don't give a stranger those details. ...

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Anonymous said...

I am SA-27. As many of you know, I submitted an application for OPM DR, which requires one to apply for SSA Disability.

I received a call from, "Billy," as well. I am no where near the State of Colorado. I recall the phone number came in on my caller ID as my local area code with the name of a town about 50 miles from where I live.

As an attorney, phone telemarketers and scammers do not get far with me. "Billy" sounded immature and was unprofessional from the start. I never told him who I was. He asked if I need help applying for SSA Disability. I said, "What.?" He then said, "You have applied for SSA Disability, haven't you?" I said, "No," and hung up. I thought it was a prank call, and did not believe it was necessary to report it to anyone. However, the call gave me an eerie feeling because I wondered how this guy ever got my phone number, or knew I had submitted an SSA Disability application in the first place? Thus, I can confirm this scam appears to be nationwide. I received this call about 2 weeks ago.