Oct 18, 2019

Our Lives Are So Much More Fragile Than We Want To Imagine

     Going from being a college professor to being on Social Security disability to being homeless. It took this man nine years.

What More Can They Do?

     Senator Collins believes that Social Security isn’t doing enough to combat the current wave of fraud involving telephone callers pretending to be Social Security employees. What, exactly, does she think they should be doing that they aren’t?

Oct 17, 2019

Not Keeping Up With Inflation

     Average Social Security attorney fee per case by year:
  • 2010 -- $3,492.40
  •  2011 -- $3,196.81
  •  2012 -- $3,036.62
  •  2013 -- $2,923.30
  •  2014 -- $2,944.49
  •  2015 -- $3,040.05
  •  2016 -- $3,110.89
  •  2017 -- $3,239.28
  •  2018 -- $3,309.93

Oct 16, 2019


     All I can say about this thread on the ALJ Discussion Forum (scroll down) is LOL! Take a look at my post that they think shows I must have paid someone at Social Security. The link is to something  the agency posted. All I did was go to the trouble of looking at what the agency posts.  
     I think the only thing I ever got from the ALJ Discussion Forum that I posted here was the bizarre story several years ago about Social Security telling ALJs to not report any work done in the last week of a fiscal year because it would mess up their stats. That one led to a Congressional hearing and considerable embarrassment to the agency but who would deny they had that coming?