Nov 30, 2005

National Council on Disability Report

The National Council on Disbility has completed a report on The Social Security Administration's Efforts to Promote Employment for People with Disabilities: New Solutions for Old Problems. The report recommends:
  • Better customer service at SSA
  • Improve the Ticket to Work program by including claimants whose conditions are expected to improve
  • Better benefit planning for Social Security disability recipients who want to return to work
  • Reduce the number of work related overpayments to claimants
  • Eliminate the marriage penalty [for Disabled Adult Children beneficiaries? The report talks about a marriage penalty in SSI, however.]
  • Change the "cash cliff" to a ramp when disability recipients return to work
  • Consider rules that would allow SSI recipients to accummulate assets
  • Reduce the complexity of the rules affecting return to work
  • Make improvements in Medicare to encourage return to work
  • Allow traditional Vocational Rehabilitation to participate in Ticket to Work
  • Possibly allow Department of Labor Career Centers to receive reimbursement for helping beneficiaries under the Ticket to Work program
  • Get the Department of Education more involved in transition planning for disabled young adults who are about to leave school
  • Expand the Student Earned Income Exclusion and Program for Achieving Self Support efforts
  • Consider the possibility of changing the tax laws to add a disabled person tax credit
  • Develop an outreach program to small and mid-sized businesses to encourage more employment of the disabled.

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