Oct 30, 2006

Social Worker Case Manager Job Advertised

Social Security has now advertised five job openings for "Social Worker (Case Manager)." This is part of the Disability Service Improvement (DSI) experiment. The job appears to be nearly identical to the Nurse Case Manager positions advertised earlier, only the job applicants do not have to be nurses. However, a masters degree in social work is required. One might guess that Social Security had trouble finding enough nurses to fill the positions. Below is the job description:
Provides psychiatric/medical policy, procedural, and technical advice and guidance to DDSs, ROs, ALJs, the DRB, OQP and the national network of experts affiliated with the OMVE on complex issues encountered in making the determination or decision in a disability claim. This technical advice and guidance includes confirming what medical, psychological and vocational expertise is needed as well as verifying the need for additional medical or lay evidence, tests, or a consultative examination. Verifies that the request is in accordance with disability law, regulations, and policy.

Provides expert psychiatric/medical advice and guidance to the DDSs, ROs, ALJs, DRB, OQP and the national network of medical and vocational experts.

Ensures that the disability adjudicators in the DDSs and ROs and the ALJs have requested expertise or development that is needed and appropriate.

Ensures consistency in medical disability determinations by the DDSs, ROs and/or ALJs in accordance with established regulations and national practices.

Determines if beneficiary contact, current psychiatric/medical evidence and/or consultative examinations are required; assists DDSs, ROs, ALJs, DRB and OQP in obtaining appropriate evidence and examinations; and, as necessary, contacts sources (Medical Consultants, national network of experts, etc.) for assistance in interpreting medical evidence and/or determining whether additional evidence is required

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