Nov 14, 2007

Bush: Failure On Social Security Reform My Biggest Disappointment

From a Fox Business Network interview:
"The biggest disappointment is not getting a Social Security package, Social Security reform, because that truly is the big deficit issue," he told David Asman. "I'm sorry it didn't happen. I laid out a plan to make it happen, to enable it to happen. I'm the first president to have addressed it as specifically as I did. I wish Congress wasn't so risk-averse on the issue."
I can think of something else that would disappoint me more if I were him.


Anonymous said...

He has so much to choose from - but my choice for him would be setting us up for endless war topped with hundreds of thousands needless deaths and a diaspora of Iraq.

Anonymous said...

As for his social security "reform," it's incredibly typical of him to blame it on Congress ("so risk-aversive"). The man obviously doesn't have a clue about the legislative process and how to get legislation that he wants considered, much less passed. That's an important part of being president, a part he never learned, never cared about, and never attempted. He is really one of the worst presidents in history.