Dec 23, 2011

A Top Ten List

     Below are some numbers from yesterday's Wall Street Journal article. These are the top ten individual recipients of fees for representing Social Security claimants in 2010, the amount received and their headquarters location. These are individuals, not entities. Some fees  are attributed to individual employees of larger entities and sometimes to just one individual at the head of such an entity making these numbers meaningful only in a relative sense. In all, or almost all, cases the total fees received by the entity are much higher, in the case of Binder and Binder almost four times as much.

1. Charles Binder$22,817,430.62Hauppauge, N.Y.
2. Thomas Nash$6,292,296.41Chicago
3. Eric Conn$3,815,512.96Stanville, Ky.
4. Michael Sullivan$3,614,429.13Lousiville, Ky.
5. Frank Latour$3,464,262.24Colton, Calif.
6. Ronald Miller$3,241,150.42Santa Monica, Calif.
7. Juan Hernandez Rivera$2,816,311.80Bayamon, Puerto Rico
8. Robert Friedman$2,531,046.93Seattle
9. Matthew Greenbaum$2,004,375.65New Orleans
10. Thomas Bothwell$1,668,758.92Yakima, Wash.

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