Oct 2, 2012

Can Anyone Translate This?

     From a press release:
Thunderhead.com, a pioneer of SaaS [Software as a Service] solutions for customer experience management, today announced that the Social Security Administration (SSA) has selected the Thunderhead NOW solution to provide integrated correspondence for its Disability Case Processing System (DCPS).
Thunderhead.com provides a centrally managed solution for document language and template authoring, incorporating the ability to create, edit, collaborate and publish approved document content. Thunderhead NOW enables organizations like the SSA to reduce IT resources and programmatic maintenance costs, increase communication management capabilities, lower costs by using delivery means other than paper-based communications and improve customer service by offering additional communications options.


Mattpenning said...

DCPS, the single system that is planned and being implemented to replace several disparate systems that run case management in the State DDS and Federal DDS locations, has a need for a common document (think letters to CE Docs, Claimants, etc) system. Currently, most of these software systems hook with MS Word, and each run a customized version of the case management software for almost every State. DCPS will run at the SSA data centers. This software as a service looks to be the new document creation method for the new, single and common to all DDS sites, case processing system.

Greg said...

Hopefully this will achieve the goal of streamlining some things. My hunch is that the change will make redundant a significant amount of SSA IT employees versed in the old system. I recall SSA's IT budget being cut by 300 million for FY2011.

Steph said...

Sounds like the information contained in my nonprofit software!