Jul 22, 2017

Long Lines In San Antonio

A closed Social Security office in San Antonio is causing long lines throughout the area. 
"We were here for about 2 hours, maybe a little bit more than that,” said Ruby Toombes a Social Security visitor. 
“We currently have three offices in San Antonio and we looked at two different waiting times: wait times for persons who come in for an appointment and wait times for persons who do not have an appointment,” said Veronica Taylor a spokesperson for Social Security. “The average wait time of the offices for persons who have an appointment is 10 minutes. The average wait time of the offices for persons who do not have an appointment is 41.” 
According to local residents at the location along Isom Road, one visit can take several hours. ...


Anonymous said...

Another buy from SSA onto the face of the American public and its employees!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do your business on line, or call the 800 number and set an appointment. I never ask anyone to go to SSA without an appointment without explaining that there will be a significant wait.

I mean come on, the cable guy tells you he will be there between 8am and 4pm, you wait at the DMV, you stand in line at Disney, yet SSA is supposed to be instant. Realistic expectations folks.

Anonymous said...

9:31, not everyone has 45 minutes paid for on their cell phones to wait on hold at SSA's 800 number....especially to be given an appointment a month from now (or told to call back in a couple weeks because all appointments are full).

And SSA doesn't take appointments for some things. When I got married, I called to make an appointment to submit documentation and request a card with my new name. Waited on hold for ages only to be told this was a walk-in only service. Waited an hour at the field office and watched the front desk person treating everyone rudely. When I got to the front, the center manager came over, assuming I was there for one of my clients. When the clerk saw that I was "someone" in the eyes of her boss, service improved markedly. Given how much time I spend dealing with SSA, it was not surprising, but it was sad. The DMV in my state is much friendlier and more efficient. And Disney really pushes the customer service!

Anonymous said...

At 12:25, perhaps they should come to your house on demand the very instant that you need something? I think people would find a way to avoid the office if there was a copay for going in.

Tim said...

Disney has fast passes! Disneyland, especially during winter and spring, has much smaller crowds and the rides are closer together than Disney World.
As for "customer service," since when did ANY government agency treat people like "customers?"