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Jul 22, 2009

Government Agencies Staying Away From Resorts

From the Wall Street Journal:

What do Reno, Orlando and Las Vegas have in common? To some pockets of the federal government, they just seem like too much fun.

Instead, employees at some big agencies, like the U.S. Department of Agriculture, are being encouraged to host meetings in more buttoned-down places such as St. Louis, Milwaukee or Denver. ...

The Department of Justice "decided conference[s] are not to be held in cities that are vacation destinations/spa/resort/gambling," according to a May email from an FBI employee obtained by the U.S. Travel Association and viewed by The Wall Street Journal. "Las Vegas and Orland[o] are the first 2 on the chopping block." ...

According to an Agriculture Department employee familiar with the guidelines, the agency issued internal travel guidelines in the spring that encourage employees to hold meetings in cities that display three key attributes: a travel hub; low in cost; and "a non-resort location."

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    This whole issue is so ridiculous. There are so many legitimate reasons to have meetings and conferences but now everyone is scared to death. The government will wind up spending more money and lots of hours worrying about the location. Many organizations have had conferences this past year in Orlando--because the prices were cheap not because of Mickey Mouse! Since Katrina, conferences have been held in New Orleans to help the economy there and because the prices were reasonable. Now we will spend more money for travel and hotels just so that an event can be held in a location that is considered less desirable. Give me a break!

    6:35 PM, July 22, 2009  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm hearing that meetings and training sessions are now being cancelled after plunking down deposits - that we will never get back, what a waste.

    11:42 PM, July 22, 2009  
    Anonymous Nancy Ortiz said...

    All thanks to Faux News. Way to go, guys.

    9:47 AM, July 24, 2009  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Several years ago, Paul Barnes returned as the Atlanta Regional Commissioner after a stint as Deputy Commissioner for Human Resources. He issued a memo directing all conferences in the region to be held outside of areas perceived by the public as resorts, casinos, and vacation destinations. Effectively, he was eliminating the miles of coastline in the Atlanta Region, most of Florida -- particularly Orlando and Miami, and the riverboat casinos in Biloxi and Tunica.

    5:49 PM, July 24, 2009  

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