Jul 23, 2009

President Talks Social Security "Reform"

From the transcript of a telephone interview that President Obama gave to the Washington Post, mostly concerning health care legistlation (emphasis added):
What I think has to happen is if we can show that we have a disciplined health care reform package that is serious about cost savings and is deficit-neutral, you combine that with the pay-go rules that we have been promoting and I believe that we can get through Congress, and you are imposing some discipline on the appropriations process -- and I thought that the F-22 victory yesterday was a good example of us starting to change habits in Washington -- then I think we're in a position to be able to, either at the end of this year or early next year, start laying out a broader picture about how we are going to handle entitlements in a serious way.

It may start with Social Security because that's, frankly, the easier one. And I think that it's possible to also look at tax reform and think about are there ways that we can maybe even lower marginal rates but eliminate all the loopholes and have that a net revenue generator. I think there are going to be a bunch of things that we can take a look at, but I think health care reform combined with pay-go, combined with how we deal with appropriations bills over the next six months will help lay the foundation for us to be able to make some of these broader structural changes....

Hiatt: And you'd be willing to look at a commission -- I mean, beyond Social Security that sort of puts everything on the table?

Obama: Yes, I think everything is going to have to be on table.


Anonymous said...

I thought the liberals voted out the president that wanted to "reform" Social Security. Well, at least he's taken care of those backlogs, hasn't he, huh?

Nancy Ortiz said...

Those who are interested in the myth of insolvency may be interested in the Angry Bear Blog on Blogspot. To sum up--it ain't broke, Mr. President. Otherwise, Bruce Webb at his own blog by the same name has written extensively on this subject. FYI.