Jul 13, 2007

Mental Illness Causing Disability

Bet you would not think there would be anything relevant to this site on iAfrica.com, but you would be wrong. Here is an excerpt from an article about something that is definitely an issue for the U.S. Social Security Administration:
Mental illnesses such as depression and post traumatic stress disorder have overtaken back pain as the world's number one reason for disability claims, the Life Offices Association (LOA) said on Wednesday. ...

... mental diseases presented a challenge for life insurers because they were difficult to measure due to their "subjective nature". "
Demonstrating that circumstances in Africa are a bit different than the U.S, iAfrica has this as a a blurb for an article:
A North West owner of 10 lions that killed a boy has offered to sell two of the animals to compensate the child's family, the province said on Thursday.

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