Jul 3, 2008

Binder And Binder Lawsuit

On the separate Social Security Perspectives Blog I have posted copies of a trademark infringement complaint filed by Binder and Binder against a competing entity and the answer filed by that defendant. The materials are interesting for the insight they provide into the methods of operation of Binder and Binder, one of the largest entities representing Social Security claimants, and the importance of internet advertising to its operations. Binder and Binder appears to combine a law firm with a number of non-attorney corporations in a unique corporate structure. Binder and Binder appears to make extensive use of internet advertising.

Because of technical limitations in Blogger, these federal court filings are spread over several posts and you must click on each page separately to view it full size. There is no simple way for a reader to download the whole thing, unless you have a Pacer account, in which case you can download all the papers filed with the Court.

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Anonymous said...

Complaint and answer filed in late 2007. Any resolution?