Oct 27, 2008

Ohio Approves Specialization In Social Security Disability Law

The Ohio Supreme Court has approved Social Security disability law as a field in which attorneys licensed in that state may become certified as specialists. North Carolina and Tennessee already recognize specialists in the field of Social Security disability law.


Anonymous said...

And you can even be certified without knowing how to spell disability.

Anonymous said...

Can we unpack this phenomenon? Why not. And inventively, too. After all, an area of law marked by common arguments based on diagnosis alone that a what-might-be-so premise allows for an it-must-surely-be-so conclusion ought to allow for other kinds of similar storytelling.

So what kind of story can we tell about "disabality." Maybe a Freudian story about the banality of evil. "Disabality" sounds like "banal." Sort of, anyway. And if we turn our dial all the way over from "reasonable" to "paranoid," then we can derive a motivation: the individual who misspells "disability" as "disabality" is thinking of SSA adjudicators as examplars of the banality of evil.

Sort or, anyway.

(I did too mean "examplars".)

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