Oct 8, 2008

COLA Draws Attention

I find it amusing that this blog is getting a large number of hits from people searching for "Cost of Living Adjustment" or "COLA." Social Security recipients are very interested in what the COLA will be for this year.

If I knew, I would tell you. I can say that inflation has been relatively high this year, so the COLA should be relatively high as well, probably about 6%. Keep checking back.

Once the COLA figure is released, it will be posted here promptly. Last year, the COLA numbers were released on October 25.

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Anonymous said...

The next COLA will be announced on October 16, 2008.


Go to SSA FAQ Answer 310


Then click on the bar that says "Notify Me By E-Mail If The Answer Is Updated"

Then click on "Create A New Account"

After you create an account Login.