Jan 14, 2009

How Will Deputy Commissioner Be Selected?

From Alexis Simendinger at the Lost in Transition blog:
Obama transition officials are making it clear to incoming Cabinet secretaries and agency heads that they'll be handed a slate of perhaps five or six pre-screened candidates for the top jobs in their departments and encouraged to interview and hire from among those candidates. If the secretaries want to reach outside those lists to make their own hires, they will be required to justify their picks to the president-elect's top advisers, some of whom are headed for the offices of the White House Counsel and White House personnel.
What will the process be for selecting a new Deputy Commissioner for Social Security? Does Michael Astrue, a Bush appointee, get the same consideration as an Obama appointee?

By the way, the blog says the process for Obama will be much like what President Bush followed. Does this mean that Michael Astrue chose Andrew Biggs to be his Deputy Commissioner from a list of several eligibles? I find that hard to believe.


Anonymous said...

"The secretaries are being told that the ethnic and racial makeup of the senior officials in their departments should reflect diversity to the extent possible."

The Affirmative Action Presidency

Anonymous said...

"Outside observers have said they're puzzled, however, that Hillary Rodham Clinton -- known for having female-dominated staffs while first lady, New York senator and presidential contender -- had by early this week tapped eight white men and one woman to help her at the State Department, if she's confirmed as secretary. Although Clinton supposedly cut a deal with Obama to be able to hire her own team, some observers are dubious. "


"Incidentally, for all Perle's railing against those pantywaist diplomats, it looks like Hillary Clinton's State Department is slated as the new nesting place for our war birds."