Jan 27, 2009

No Money For SSA In Senate Bill?

The Senate Appropriations Committee has released an updated summary of their version of the President's economic stimulus bill. There is still no mention of Social Security in the summary. The House version has $902 million for Social Security.

Update: This has now been approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee and there is still no sign of money for the Social Security Administration.

Further update: The Federal Times says that the actual bill will be posted on the Committee website Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

If this so call "American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan" is to stimulate and rebuild the economy, there shouldn’t be any money for Social Security in it.

Of course, since 90% of what is in this bloated bill is nothing that will stimulate and rebuild the economy, I guess they could throw SSA a bone. What’s a couple more million to borrow from China.

Anonymous said...


More than $3 billion could come Maryland's way from the federal stimulus package to pay for school construction, transportation projects and new water systems, Gov. Martin O'Malley said Monday.

I'm sure it's the same in every other, so which one those items is going to produce a new industry with skilled high paying jobs?

Answer, none. All they will produce is more Federal government debt.

Anonymous said...

The Herbert Hoover fan club is at work again. School construction/repair, transportation projects, water system upgrades...sound like investments in our much-neglected infrastructure. Should have been funded years ago, certainly needed today.

Anonymous said...

I guess we have heard from the Barney Frank fan club. Maybe these things need to be repaired, but to selling them to the American public as investments and something that will rebuild the economy is total BS.

These are nothing but make work public works jobs that will be gone once the projects are complete.

Of course with the government involved they will probably go on forever.

Anonymous said...

The bill seems to only provide for computer and technology upgrades for SSA.