Mar 22, 2009

Q And A On Economic Stimulus Payments

The Social Security Administration has finally put out a fairly comprehensive list of questions and answers on the $250 economic stimulus payments to recipients of Social Security benefits. One point of mild interest is that Social Security overpayments may not be collected out of the economic stimulus payments, but other federal debts and child support payments may be.


Anonymous said...

I'm a SSDI recipient who works part time, earning less than SGA. On another SSA-related site, I found out that I would be elligible for BOTH the employeee payroll $400 deduction as well as the $250 stimulus payment. However, there is no "double-dipping," so anyone who gets the stimulus payment and is also working, must be sure to tell their employer not to withhold more than $150 from payroll. I may be using the incorrect terminology above, but I think the point is a salient one anyway.

Anonymous said...

The site referenced above is: