Apr 20, 2010

What Does This Mean?

Social Security has had a Future Systems Technology Advisory Panel holding meetings since the Fall of 2008. Take a look at this extract from the minutes of the Panel's meeting in November 2009(click on it to see it at its full size). What does this mean?

It sounds like one person would be in charge of all decisions of a Social Security disability claim regardless of the level, perhaps a person called a case manager, who might have the right to veto any decision that he or she disagreed with. Of course, I may be reading too much into this blurb and anything this Panel may recommend would have to go through an extensive process before coming into effect nationally. Still, it is hard to avoid the impression that this technical panel is considering making a recommendation that would have a substantive impact. That does not seem right to me.


Anonymous said...

I may be completely wrong, but I think this is referring to the initiative that there needs to be a single software platform used by ODAR, FO's and DDS's to process disability claims instead of the different software used by each component now

Anonymous said...

I think you are wrong...this refers to more of a single decision maker process. Note the MetLife provided a job description for this position.