Sep 10, 2012

Watch Out For Pete Peterson's Astroturf Attacks On Social Security Disability

     R.J. Eskow writing in the Huffington Post outlines the progress made by Pete Peterson who is spending a billion dollars on a campaign aimed in large part at cutting Social Security and Medicare. Peterson's favorite tactic is "astroturfing", that is giving his effort the appearance of being a popular grass roots organization even though it is little more than one man's well-funded obsession. Even the President's convention speech was influenced by Peterson's effort. 
     It looks as if Peterson has recently turned his attention to the Social Security disability programs. At least, there is every sign of a well-funded public relations attack on the Social Security disability programs and Peterson is far and away the most likely person behind it. The problem for those who support Social Security is that action is required by 2016 to avoid the disability trust fund running out of money. The fix is easy but Peterson will try to use this deadline as an opportunity to force cuts in Social Security.

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