Sep 28, 2012

Order Of Succession

     Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue's term is up on January 19, 2013 as is the term of Deputy Commissioner Carolyn Colvin. I am already hearing questions about who becomes Acting Commissioner at the time if a new Commissioner has not been confirmed. It's unlikely that a new Commissioner will be confirmed for at least a couple of months thereafter. If we see the same obstructionism in the new Congress that we have seen in the last four years, it could take many months to gain confirmation for even a non-controversial appointee.
     Here's the order of succession with the name of the incumbent.
  • Chief of Staff -- Jo Tittel
  • Deputy Commissioner for Operations -- Mary Glenn-Croft
  • Deputy Commissioner for Budget, Finance and Management -- Michael Gallagher
  • Deputy Commissioner for Systems -- Kelly Croft
  • Deputy Commissioner for Quality Performance -- Stephanie Hall
  • Regional Commissioner, Atlanta -- Michael Grochowski
  • Regional Commissioner, Dallas -- Nancy Berryhill
     This order could be changed by the President or the President could appoint someone not currently at Social Security to be Acting Commissioner.


John R. Heard said...

Would Astrue continue as Acting COSS if Obama does not act?

Erik Williamson said...

Nancy Berryhill is the Chicago Regional Commissioner, she was the Denver RC before that.