Nov 15, 2012

"Those Who Truly Need Help"

     From a Washington Post editorial:
Social Security’s retirement age is already headed to 67, which is one reason that program is no longer a major cause of government insolvency. Still, it can and should be rendered more sustainable. The disability component’s explosive recent growth, at a time when the nation’s general health is stable, suggests that reform would not harm those who truly need help.
     Who exactly is it on Social Security disability benefits who doesn't "truly need help"?  

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Anonymous 42 said...

Those who don't "truly need help" would include anyone who is 50 or older and still capable of performing sedentary work or 55 or older and capable of doing light work. There are many beneficiaries who fall into these categories and they are all capable of working if so desired (though they may have more difficulty finding a job -- a factor that is supposed to be irrelevant to the disability determination).