Feb 12, 2014

A Cluster In Birmingham?

     Alex Flowers, who had been a Claims Representative at Social Security's Birmingham field office, has been indicted on several federal charges alleging that he used his access to Social Security's databases to cause the issuance of several payments to accounts which he controlled. A different Birmingham Social Security employee had been indicted on similar charges late last year.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't bother me if they convicted the idiot and sentenced him to the full 20 years.

Of course, they'll just slap the idiot on the wrist all the while sayin' "don't you do that no more" (i.e.. sentence him to probably less than a year with an order of restitution).

Maybe if they sent him for some hard time these idiots would get the message and not try this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Too many human hands have too much access to a system that is too easy to defraud. Do you think Bank of America employees could just divert funds into fake accounts? Nope. Never. Social Security invites not only insurance type fraud - faking disability or colluding to fake disability - but also wire/laundering type fraud, where employees, payees, relatives of deceased beneficiaries do all kinds of things to steal money from the trust funds. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

One of the aggravations with attempting to get clients' workers compensation checks from insurance companies promptly is that no one person has sufficient access to steal--it takes 2 or 3 people in the chain to fully authorize and disburse checks. Does SSA have any similar internal controls?