Feb 24, 2014

Staff Instructions On Priority To 100% Disabled Vets

     Social Security has released staff instructions on its plan to give priority in processing to the disability claims of veterans who have been awarded 100% permanent and total compensation by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Am I reading this right that since it refers to "compensation" that it does not apply to veterans receiving non-service connected veterans "pensions" from VA? Those vets have also been found totally and permanently disabled by VA yet I think they are excluded under these instructions. The instructions could be clearer on this point.


Anonymous said...

With the workload SSA has, you have to draw the line somewhere. The Agency goes out of it's way to give priority to battle injured Vet's and you start to gripe about, "Why not more, why not more??" There is only so much to go around. I personally think all Vet's should go ahead of non-Vet's. How do you feel about that?

Anonymous said...

@ 10:34 PM. I think Charles' point was that the rationale for expediting some, while not expediting others, goes to show that the reason for expediting in the first place is hogwash.