Sep 18, 2014

A Little Good News

     The Continuing Resolution (CR) passed yesterday by the House of Representatives allows federal agencies to continue spending at the same rate as in the fiscal year that ends on September 30 -- less 0.0554%. §101(b). However, the Social Security Administration is exempted from the 0.0554% reduction. §114 (b)(2).


Anonymous said...

No; notice that the CR exempts only "amounts made available by section 101(a) by reference to the second paragraph under the heading ‘‘Social Security Administration—Limitation on Administrative Expenses’’ in division H of Public Law 113–76."

The second paragraph is only about CDRs: "for the costs associated with continuing disability reviews under titles II and XVI of the Social Security Act and for the cost associated with conducting redeterminations of eligibility under title XVI of the Social Security Act, $1,197,000,000 may be expended..."; see

So the total reduction for SSA is a touch under 0.0554%.

Anonymous said...

How does the cr affect current CDRS that are currently pending at the DDS?

Anonymous said...

Dear SSA:

Please use some of your funding to either hire competent teleservice representatives or to quickly expand the MYSSA account services.

I spoke to a 1-800-772-1213 representative today. She was dumb as S***. I am glad that an offer for a survey is now given to me because 98% of your teleservice rep are dumb as S***.

Anonymous said...

Off peak time 5:20 EST and my sister is on hold for an hour already with the 800 number. There's no urgency at the agency any longer under this leadership. Even in tough budget times (and there were many tough budget times in the past) management pulled together, developed solutions, and was able to get things done. Now, nobody seems to care. There seems to be a "let it all crash" mentality running the place.

Anonymous said...

5:23 PM - Your sister's experience has nothing to do with a lack of urgency, it has to do with a lack of staffing. But hey...keep on electing Republicans and keep on blaming federal employees for what your vote has wrought.