Sep 7, 2014

Three Former Social Security Employees Charged

     From the Philadelphia Inquirer:
Five women, including three former Social Security Administration employees, have been arrested in connection with what prosecutors are calling a “complex welfare, childcare and medical benefits scheme,” the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office announced Friday. 
Investigators said Sakeenah Belle, 31, Chanae Thomas, 31, Felicia Fernandez, 30, Shonda Wayman, 30, and Abigail Millian, 38, received SNAP, subsidized childcare and medical assistance benefits totaling more than $76,000 between 2009 and early 2013. ... 
Prosecutors said the Social Security Administration received a complaint March 6, 2012 alleging Belle was using the computer and hard drive assigned to her by the SSA to create bogus Leave and Earnings Statements for herself and the four other women. 
The women allegedly used the fictitious statements to gain eligibility or to remain eligible for the welfare benefits.


Anonymous said...

Oh NO. If the public can't trust SSA,who can they trust?

The economy must be bad if some SSA employees allegedly committing fraud.

It's a shame government can't keep some SSA employees out of poverty,considering over paid ALJ and management salaries.

Anonymous said...

This kind of greed has nothing to do with the economy nor poverty--it is just old-fashioned immorality.