Oct 31, 2014

Not A Good Idea

     From WKMG:
Someone got into the Halloween spirit at work, but it's not a co-worker's treat. An employee at the Social Security Administration office in Lake Mary said she's offended by decorations that transformed a cubicle into a fake Ebola hospital ward.


Anonymous said...

I guess the words"trick or treat"has a special meaning at social security hearings today.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed! I keep reading comments on this blog on how the SSA staff are so overworked and understaffed. Yet, apparently they have enough time to set up elaborate Halloween displays.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that the employees did this AFTER they signed out, but as a long time SSA employee, I have been in some offices in which employees are allowed work time for all kinds of celebrations - and often the employees who spend the office time decorating and cleaning up are the ones who don't get their work done timely.

I would also have been offended by such a display. Such poor taste. Not humorous at all. Offensive.