Dec 29, 2014

It's Not Just Overpayments

     From a recent report by Social Security's Office of Inspector General:
SSA [Social Security Administration] needs to improve its controls to ensure it properly pays underpayments due terminated beneficiaries. Based on our random sample, we estimate that 
  • 55,925 terminated beneficiaries were due $122.6 million in underpayments that SSA should have paid to eligible beneficiaries, and
  • 5,687 terminated beneficiaries had $5.2 million in erroneous underpayments that SSA should have removed from the [Social Security's records]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"Improve its controls"? Right--you mean with all of those non-existent employees that would otherwise do the work. I don't know how many manually-comped pending SSI underpayments I left behind when I retired over two years ago, but I'll bet at least most of them are still sitting in a drawer somewhere.
But somehow Obama is hiring a thousand new employees to process amnesty for illegals. Priorities, yeah, right.