Mar 10, 2015

Not Many Rejected Disability Applicants Go Back To Work


Anonymous said...

Those figures come as no surprise to people who represent claimants. There are plenty of people we see who are almost without a doubt genuinely incapable of working, but who for a variety of reasons have their claims rejected. Adjudicators with ridiculously low approval rates account for some of these. Sometimes the claimant's disability interferes with the documentation of their medical condition (e.g. agoraphobe who has difficulty attending treatment). There are many such examples.

What happens to these people is heartbreaking. I've seen more than a few who have lost all their life savings, become homeless, depressed and even suicidal. The notion of making disability benefits even more difficult to obtain than they already are (as some on the far right propose) would just increase the inhumanity and suffering.

Anonymous said...

Its government they want people homeless and in the streets, they don't follow the laws on the books anymore, its been that way for some time now. Many working for government these days are nothing more than power hungry sadist who get enjoyment out of other peoples suffering. The economy in the U.S. is failing big time because of government employees and not because of us regular people. Those in government will soon be without an income themselves. Oh how the tables are ready to turn on them all. I guess one does reap what they sow, and they have so much to reap.