Mar 24, 2015

Online Appeals System Not Working

     Last week Social Security started up a new system for filing online appeals. The new system allows users to upload documents along with an appeal. This week I'm hearing many reports of difficulty filing appeals online, regardless of whether a document is uploaded at the same time. It's become just about impossible to file an appeal online. I can't say that the current problem is related to the new system but that seems likely.
     I'm sure that someone is working on the problem but it would be nice if the agency would communicate better on technical problems like this. Requiring that attorneys who represent claimants before the agency file appeals online at a time when the agency has no workable system for filing appeals online could cause some frustration.


Anonymous said...

Just like everything else the Fed controls.

Federal government wasted $125 billion in 2014 alone.

U.S. Postal Service Reports Revenue Increase,
Only $5.5 Billion Loss in Fiscal 2014.


Max Abilify said...

Maybe it's fixed. Just did an online recon appeal and it went through with no problem. It was before 8:00 AM EDT. Little slow filling out the form (on my part) as is to be expected as I actually had to read the directions on each page. Next time should be a lot easier. I did not try attaching any documents.

Anonymous said...


you're buying that USPS nonsense, I see. Do you realize that they are forced--unlike ANY OTHER Federal entity--to pre-fund retirement liabilities and that those insane, early payments are what is driving them into the red?

If they can survive a couple decades under this sham "red ink" situation, they'll be flush with all the cash they were forced to squirrel away that they won't use up.

Anonymous said...

USPS--the Congress--both aisles--will not allow even the most common sense improvments such as curtail Saturday mail, close some offices, etc

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hall or whoever the actual blogger is:

Perhaps you should actually list some of these issues that people are experiencing. That might be far more helpful than the driveby hit piece you published that is short on actual facts and long on unsubstantiated anecdotes.

The system is new. Are people actually having problems or is it just people that are used to the old system not wanting to adapt to the new one? Does it crash on a certain page for users? Is it simply sluggish and unresponsive?