May 6, 2015

What's The Point?

     House Social Security Subcommittee Democrats are pushing a plan to combine the Disability Insurance Trust Fund with the Retirement and Survivors Trust Fund as a way of dealing with the looming shortfall in the Disability Trust Fund. Why? How is this better in any way than the Administration's plan to divert some FICA revenues to the Disability Trust Fund? It would have been nice if Democrats had tried this when they had control of the House but now? What's the point? It's going nowhere.


Anonymous said...

Jesus, what a shoddy piece of journalism, to allow the assertions of massive disabilty fraud to go unchallgned. But it illustrates the success Republicans are having in changing the conversation, chipping away at the disability program.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it would have been a good idea to combine the two trust funds when they had the chance. But I don't think that the Dems even saw the move to bar reallocation coming. You would have thought that they would have learned not to put anything past the house Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Do you think company's like Met Life is going to let this happen, I say not. It will cost them million's.