Apr 11, 2016

Grim Report On Rep Payees

     The National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) has a contract with the Social Security Administration to review representative payees. Rep payees are appointed to help beneficiaries who are incapable of handling their own money. NDRN recently completed a report on a six month extension to their contract with Social Security which shows that things are bad and getting worse.


Anonymous said...

Good help is hard to find, and there is no way SSA has the resources to monitor rep payees effectively.

Anonymous said...

Most CRs hate the Rep Payee setup. They are forced in a short, very limited review/interview to make a decision on who is best to handle the benefits. Frankly, some CRs should have rep payees to take care of them!

It is a terrible process, there is no time to do any real info gathering, and the CR is trying to just get it paid and moved along. Social Services are not equipped to handle the job, companies do not find it profitable enough or worth the time to handle it.

Unfortunate, but it remains the way it is because there is no better solution.

Anonymous said...

amen 1:14!

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