Apr 6, 2016

Why Can't I Download Files?

     When an attorney needs a copy of his or her client's file, the attorney can go online and ask for a copy of the entire electronic file. It's not immediately available. Usually, though, it's available within an hour or two. That system isn't working now and hasn't been working since April 4. In fact, the system seems to have completely or near completely shut down. No files are available for pickup. I am sure that Social Security knows there's a problem but there's been no notification about the problem or when it might get fixed. It would be nice if we could hear something.


Anonymous said...

My assistant has been trying to download files, with no luck, since Monday. Literally 5 minutes ago, a bunch were just sent over. So it appears to be working now.

Anonymous said...

So far NOTHING requested on April 4th is available but those requested April 5th are available. Monday morning hearings were delayed by hours because of "technical issues." I wonder then if those files requested 4/4 were lost?

Anonymous said...

I called their support number yesterday. first, I was told the problem was with ODAR and I should call them. I responded that no one at ODAR hearing offices has any idea at all as to how ERE works for reps.

I then asked if they had received other calls. She giggled and said Yes. They had received numerous calls.

I then asked why she couldn't have simply said this first and just explained that, yes, they have a problem and they are working on it as quickly as they could. She had no response.

I then asked why they couldn't just put a message up saying they were having a problem, as they do frequently when they advise they are down for upgrades or service or whatever, mostly on weekends. She agreed that would be a good idea.

I asked to speak to a supervisor about that. She took my info and said the lead technician would get back to me. I'm still waiting.

I get that things break and sometimes it takes a while to fix it. All reasonable people ask is that you admit you have a problem and actually try to fix the problem. Pretending the problem is someone else's responsibility and that you have idea what the problem is when you obviously do know that there is a problem is preposterous.

This is not "world class service" or any service at all.

Anonymous said...

Got some downloads this AM.