Aug 10, 2016

"I'm Sore Now And All Cramped Up"

     From WWLP:
People visiting the U.S. Social Security Administration Office in Holyoke [MA], Tuesday, found themselves in extremely long lines and waiting a long time.
Several people told 22News they waited at least two hours before being seen. One man said he waited nearly 7 hours before he was able to file a claim.
“I have no idea, it was just aggravating. I mean, it was tiring on my back. I’m sore now and all cramped up. It’s been a long slow process,” said Charles Daviau of Easthampton.
Daviau added that he went the whole day without eating because he was afraid, if he left, he would lose his spot.
     The appropriations bills pending in Congress would make all of Social Security's backlogs and service delivery problems much worse. 

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Anonymous said...

Unless something very unusual happened such as mass call in for sick leave this story is very suspect. The Holyoke average waiting time is 43 minutes, high but not that unusual. More likely the claimant left/slept while his number was called and had to get back in line. Perhaps more than once. It happens :)