Aug 5, 2016

Odd Coincidence

     On the day the Olympics begin, I got word that a client who was a three time Olympian has been approved for Social Security disability benefits. I'm not making this up.


Anonymous said...

So, 48 years and 40 pounds ago, I was on the verge of making All-American in Cross-Country until I had some tissue in my knee become infected. Now, my arthritis keeps me from actually running ANY distance.

I feel sorry for your client if he/she had some malady which causes impairment. In some ways, such things are harder on us old 'jocks' because it causes us to have a certain amount of psychological regret for what could have been. Best wishes to your client and good luck!

Margaret Kibbee said...

We remember Lucia Harris who led the US woman's basketball team to a silver medal back in the 70's. Now she can hardly walk, and we are raising money to get her a big enough wheel chair.

Anonymous said...

I've had two former NFL players, one was approved.