Mar 4, 2017

Creepy Field Office Employee Quits

     From some television station that tries to keep its call letters a secret:
PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla., - A local Social Security Office worker accused of getting personal information from women while on the job, then texting them on their cell phones looking for a relationship, broke his silence exclusively with 4 In Your Corner. 
Despite the allegations, he continued to work at the Charlotte County Office until Friday, when he resigned. 
"The first day it became a news thing, I heard some off hand remarks I just couldn't take. It was the day before my birthday. I just had to explain this to my children and I left in tears," Foster said.


Anonymous said...

The station call letters, WFTX, are available at the bottom of their main webpage. Not much of a secret.

On the topic of the story, I'm glad the guy quit. The agency may be short handed, but no member of the public deserves to be treated like that.

Tom Sawyer said...

No surprised there when this particular flawed employee had kept on working until the end because he is not an Asian-American employee!? This is a federal agency that is known for anti Asian-American employees. Its OCREO Offices, in-house EEOC version, would not assist but instead it has resorted to intimidation of Asian-American employees who filed complaints Very Sad!! It makes the hated term of "draining the swamp" becomes more logical and soon to be acceptable by some who otherwise would not !!