May 2, 2017

Appropriations Bill Out

     The full text of the omnibus appropriations bill that will fund the government, including the Social Security Administration, for the remainder of the fiscal year, which only has five months to go, is out. It's 1,665 pages. The Social Security part begins on page 1,042. At first glance, I see no noxious riders, that is language directing or forbidding certain agency actions, but appropriations language is notoriously difficult to read so please let me know if I've missed something.


Anonymous said...

If total budget is down by 60 million, but program integrity (ie, CDRs) is up by 1.5 billion, where'd the money get taken from?

It'd be nice if the bill had a comparison with 2016 numbers in it. You know that no journalistic outlets consider Social Security a sexy enough subject to do the legwork.

Anonymous said...

Is there a problem with the EDib system again? I've been waiting over 6 hours to receive pdf files I requested this morning. Anyone else having problems or it is it just me?