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Jun 27, 2009

Federal Employee Salaries

You can now search a database to see what any federal employee made in 2008. I am told that this site is getting such heavy use that there may be delays in getting data.


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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Anyone looking at this needs to realize that the amount shown is what the employee earned if he/she worked 2087 hours. When I put my name in, for example, it shows $82,000 but I actually earned just over $26,717 because I only work 680 hours per year. Dividing the amout shown as the base salary will tell you the employee's hourly wage. You need to know the number of hours worked to determine what was actually earned last year.

    9:05 AM, June 28, 2009  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    To add on to the previous commenter, it shows the base pay rate for the person was at the end of the fiscal year, and will not show if they had a step or grade increase that came mid-year. So base pay can be $45K at the end of the fiscal year, with $38K actually earned that year due to the timing of a raise that came with a step or grade increase.

    12:20 PM, June 28, 2009  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    To add further to this, I'd like to note that the "awards" data is incorrect in many cases. The amount for me is $200 less than what I actually got. Quality step increases are not reflected here at all. Also, for all of the bargaining-unit employees in my office, the amount shown is "$0" even though virtually all of them got a cash award in some amount.

    1:56 PM, June 28, 2009  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Yoda-h"Powerful the internet is".

    Mr hall your findings are very interesting,at least to me,and sometimes useful.

    2:41 PM, June 28, 2009  

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