Sep 29, 2006

Michael Astrue's Father

This is a very old story that might surprise even Michael Astrue, the nominee for Social Security Commissioner. According to Time magazine his father kept winning and winning on a television quiz show in 1959. Note that there are not that many Astrues in the world, that Mike Astrue was born on a military base in New Jersey in 1956 and that this James Astrue was in the Air Force serving in New Jersey at the time. Also, Michael Astrue's middle name is James. It has to be Michael Astrue's father.

It is scary to think how much information will be available on the internet in another 30 or 40 years. The privacy implications are staggering. This information is trivial, but in the future our youthful indiscretions may be permanently recorded on the internet for anyone to quickly access.

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