Jun 20, 2007

Congressional Three Ring Circus On Thursday

There will be two Congressional hearings and one appropriations markup session affecting Social Security on Thursday, June 21. The hearings, but not the markup session, should be available in live streaming video. Here is the list:

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Anonymous said...

See: http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/circulars/a11/current_year/s22.pdf

In particular:

When responding to specific questions on program and appropriations requests, witnesses will not provide the agency request to OMB or plans for the use of appropriations that exceed the President's request . Typically, witnesses are responsible for one or a few programs, whereas the President is responsible for all the needs of the Federal Government given the revenues available. Where appropriate, witnesses should explain this difference in perspective and that it is therefore not appropriate for them to support appropriations above the President's request.