Jun 21, 2007

Stem Cells And Social Security

From the Associated Press:
President Bush hasn't seen the last of legislation to allow federal funding for new embryonic stem cell

Supporters are answering his veto with an effort Thursday to add to an appropriations bill permission to use taxpayer dollars for new lines of embryonic stem cells. ...

The pushback was expected to begin Thursday. The Senate Appropriations Committee was to vote on a must-pass bill for the Labor and Health and Human Services departments that includes permission to use federal funding for embryonic stem cell lines derived after Bush in 2001 banned taxpayer dollars from being used on new studies of that kind.
The Labor-HHS appropriations bill includes the Social Security Administration. This has the potential for delaying a new funding bill for Social Security.

By the way, since when does the Associated Press' style manual permit contractions in a story -- and in the lead sentence, no less?

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