Sep 25, 2007

Social Security Budget -- For Next Week

From the Capitol Insider put out by the Disability Policy Collaboration:
This week marks the final week of FY 2007. It is clear that the Congress will not send any of the twelve FY 2008 appropriations bills to the President for his signature/veto before FY 2008 starts on October 1. Thus, the Congress will have to pass a Continuing Resolution (CR) this week to keep the federal government operating until the FY 2008 appropriations process is completed. Most rumors have the first CR lasting until mid November with programs funded at the current (FY 2007) levels.
The current level of funding means little or no new hiring -- of Administrative Law Judges or anybody else. Mid-November is not the outside on when the Social Security Administration would have a new budget. This impasse could be resolved by then or could drag on into the next calendar year. There is no serious dispute over the budget for the Social Security Administration, but serious disagreements about just about everything else.

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