Sep 28, 2007

Social Security Medical Experts

I took a look recently at the documents connected with Social Security's process for hiring physicians as Medical Experts (ME). This caught my eye:
The ME shall maintain a satisfactory quality level of performance when reviewing disability case files. The ME’s level of performance shall be identified through the Office of Medical and Vocational Expertise (OMVE) quality assurance program and its policies and procedures. OMVE will randomly sample 1 or 2 completed work products per ME per month. The work will be reviewed by OMVE full time staff for compliance with SSA policy and procedures, completeness, and accuracy of medical assessment of severity and functional ability. Feedback documentation will be provided to the ME. The ME will have the opportunity to discuss any noted deficiency with OMVE staff and will make the agreed upon corrections to the appropriate documents.
The announcement appears to cover both MEs who testify at hearings before Social Security Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) as well as those who work for Social Security's regional and central offices. I hope these quality assurance reviews do not apply now and are not intended to ever apply to MEs testifying before ALJs.

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