Oct 30, 2007

New ALJ Register Finally

According to numerous anonymous posts on the ALJ Discussion Forum and the ALJ Improvement Board, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has barely beaten the gun and produced a "register", or list of candidates from which the Social Security Administration (SSA) may select new Administrative Law Judges (ALJs). OPM was under great pressure from Congress to produce a new register by the end of this month.

The problem now is that SSA cannot hire any ALJs until it gets an appropriation. Currently, the agency is working under a continuing funding resolution and has no money to hire new employees. It may be next year before an appropriation is signed by the President and some time after that before new ALJs are hired.


Anonymous said...

Let us hope that ODAR "attorneys" do not score high enough to be hired.

Anonymous said...

From what I'm hearing about the scoring it sounds like you are getting your wish. Get ready for a few more years of "learning curve" judges and don't start taking out loans against your anticipated fees.

Anonymous said...

Why did anyone other than the SSA attorneys expect to score well.