Mar 21, 2008

Status Of Ticket To Work

From the Capitol Insider, put out by the Disability Policy Collaboration:
The Social Security Administration and its numerous partners on the Ticket to Work program met in Louisville, KY last week to re-energize the Ticket to Work program in anticipation of the release of new regulations governing the program. Although a success for some individuals seeking to leave the Social Security disability programs for work, the Ticket program has been more limited than was expected by advocates in 1999 during passage of the authorizing legislation. SSA met with representatives of state vocational rehabilitation agencies, other rehabilitation service providers and employment networks, businesses, Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Programs, Protection and Advocacy Systems, consumers, and national organizations to stimulate more interest and to share opportunities for improved cooperation among the various players. UCP and The Arc were represented. Final regulations that are expected to further improve the mechanics of the Ticket program are expected to be published within the next month or so.

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Anonymous said...

In the field, the ticket to work program is an absolute joke. It has accomplished nothing. I am unaware of a single person who has gotten off t2 or t16 because of participation in this farce.