Sep 23, 2008

Congress Passes SSI Extension For Elderly And Disabled Refugees

From the Capitol Insider, put out by the Disability Policy Collaboration:
The SSI Extension for Elderly and Disabled Refugees Act, H.R. 2608, cleared the House on September 17 by a voice vote. The next step is signature by the President. The House had originally passed the bill in July 2007, but the Senate passed an amended bill August 1, 2008. The House acted last week to pass the Senate version, clearing it for final enactment. The bill would temporarily extend the 7-year SSI eligibility period for refugees, asylees, and certain other humanitarian immigrants (including victims of human trafficking) to 9 years for the period October 1, 2008 through September 30, 2011. In order to qualify for the extension, certain noncitizens would be required to sign a declaration indicating that they have made a good faith effort to pursue U. S. citizenship. The 2-year extension would also apply retroactively to those noncitizens whose SSI had previously ceased due to the expiration of the 7-year period. The legislation would be effective October 1, 2008, with the 9-year eligibility period reverting back to a 7-year period after September 30, 2011. A more detailed summary of the bill is available on the Social Security Administration’s website:
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