Feb 10, 2009

E-Verify Fight Continues

Congress Daily (scroll down) reports that there is an E-Verify battle going on over the economic stimulus bill, with efforts being made to require increased use of the system to verify Social Security numbers. Social Security will be caught in the middle if there is any major expansion of E-Verify, since Social Security's databases contain a certain percentage of errors but the agency lacks adequate staffing to quickly resolve complaints from those denied employment as a result of the errors.


Anonymous said...

Well if all that government construction is to be done it sure as hell better be legal workers doing it.

You can see below who wants to sell out American workers for cheap illegal labor.

Groups that oppose the provision, such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Human Resource Initiative for a Legal Workforce, have begun setting their sights on conference proceedings. The Essential Worker Immigration Coalition, a massive alliance of business and trade groups, sent key senators a letter last week opposing mandatory use of E-Verify.

Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus sent House leaders a letter last week asking them to help ensure the language is not in the final bill.

Anonymous said...

E-verify doesn't work. Anyone with someone else's SSN and a fake ID can fool E-verify. Meanwhile, US born and naturalized citizens get fired or never hired because of database and clerical errors, or they have to spend a few days NOT WORKING in order to obtain their birth certificate or other source documents and then visit SSA to keep their job.

Anonymous said...

"E-verify doesn't work. Anyone with someone else's SSN and a fake ID can fool E-verify."

So you are aware of people using someone's SSN and having fake ID?

Anonymous said...

I read SSA OIG and GAO reports.


Anonymous said...

E-verify can only tell you what the system knows - it cannot tell you if the person in front of you is who he says he is. It is up to the employer to verify the identity of the person. The employer shouldn't even be using e-verify until he can verify the identity of the person.

Nancy Ortiz, DM ret. said...

My favorite subject! The simple review of paper records is usually enough to tell if the paper is good or bad. Ever notice that genuine SSN cards have a perforated edge? You can feel it with your eyes closed. In other words, a blind person can detect a counterfeit SS card.

For other documents, there are a number of excellent publications showing facsimiles of every state's drivers' licenses, other forms of government picture ID, various countries' passports, etc. In short, anyone who can read a publication can tell if the applicant is presenting legal documents.

True, eVerify can only tell you that the applicant's name and DOB match. But, the job applicant still must provide the paper documents. Again, a no brainer. Bad paper, no job.

Employers don't want to exercise even the minimal care needed to complete this simple process because they want to hire illegal alien workers who work cheap and don't complain. If the employer turns them away, people using bad docs just move on and try another employer. I can't see the problem here unless you want to hire illegal aliens, law or no law, and escape any legal penalty.

Which, of course, is the situation we have today. With a "de/recession" going on to the tune of 500,000 jobs lost a month. You know, I think we got Trouble in River City, and it's not going away because of eVerify or anything resembling it. What do ya'll think?

Anonymous said...

At SSA we have access to http://www.docutector.com/

which has examples of all kinds of state and federal issued documents. It would be easy to give any business that signs up for E-verify access to this information.