Dec 4, 2009

Social Security Offices To Be Closed Christmas Eve

From Commissioner Astrue to Social Security employees:
A Message To All SSA Employees

Subject: Leave on December 24th

This has been an unbelievably challenging, yet remarkable, year for us. I am keenly aware of the impact that the nation's current economic situation has had on our workloads. Once again, you have stepped up to this challenge and continue to set the standard for public servants. In appreciation for your hard work and dedication, on December 24, 2009, I am excusing employees from work and closing all Social Security Administration offices for normal business. The excused absence will be handled in accordance with existing policy and applicable negotiated agreements. The Office of Personnel will issue detailed guidance to managers and timekeepers.

I am grateful for the work that you do and for your accomplishments. Enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done and the additional time to be with your family and friends during this holiday season.

Michael J. Astrue


Anonymous said...

Never anyone in the office except for those forced to stay or that can't seem to build a leave balance. The use or lose crowd is busy changing their first day of marathon Oprah watching.

Anonymous said...

This makes up for not getting to go home early the other day.

Anonymous said...

Guess Mr. Astrue is getting politically correct. What kind of Republican is this? No mention of Christmas Eve. Not there all the way though or he would have referred to Winter Holiday Eve.