Jan 18, 2010

The Only Thing That Changed Was That His Story Ended Up On Television

From NBC New York:

Male Aquino would rather risk freezing to death in his cardboard box than move into a warm shelter filled with drug users. But after being featured in a series of NBC New York reports in recent weeks, Aquino's luck seems to have improved.

After applying unsuccessfully for disability benefits for eight years, Aquino suddenly received a Social Security check for almost $2,300 and a promise of $761 a month in the future.

He says the only thing that's changed was that his story ended up on television.

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Anonymous said...

$ 761.00 is the standard monthly SSI payment in NY state for an individual living alone with no other income. Of course, the incompetent media could not get that right, as usual. And the $2300back check is probably the first installment of $ 2283.00, because it will take a year to pay him everything due him. Of course he got paid as soon as it was on tv-- the case was probably on some backlogged cr's desk along with God-knows-how-many others, but it was pulled and given priority because of media interest, leaving everyone else still in the backlog.