Jan 24, 2012

Burlington, NC Field Office To Close

     The Burlington, NC Social Security field office will be closing in March as a budget cutting measure. I am familiar with Burlington since it is about an hour by car from where I'm sitting. It is not losing population. Burlington and surrounding communities, such as Graham, Mebane and Elon, are all growing rapidly. This reduces service to tens of thousands of people and increases pressure on the Durham, Greensboro and Reidsville field offices.


Anonymous said...

SSA should have taken a conservative approach a long time ago in many areas($100,000+salaries)not just in liberally denying claims.

Anonymous said...

Oh cripes it's the 100k complainer again.

You have it all backwards. The conservative view is higher pay entices better talent. Only a socialist would view across the board salary equity, regardless of job function, to be ideal. I say pay people more and we will get better people who can do more with less.

As for the claims, the agency is liberally approving them to get the numbers up.

Stop being jealous.