Jan 15, 2012

Earnings Statements Still Not Available Online

From Oregon Live:
Those Social Security statements you once got each year in the mail? They were supposed to be available online by now. They aren't, and it's not clear when they'll be there or whether they'll be mailed instead, as promise.
The Social Security Administration continues to work to get annual statements online, a spokesman said, but has no plans to resume mailing them. .
But the statements still aren't available on ssa.gov. The agency also has no plans to mail them because its budget is in even worse shape than in April, agency spokesman Mike Webb said.
Webb said concerns about security have delayed posting the statements online. But he had no firm timetable for their appearance.
"I do know the current goal is to have some form of an online statement available in the near future," Webb said Thursday. "The issue is always security. We're probably not going to post something just to see what happens."


Anonymous said...

I suspect that is all tied up waiting on the new identity verification system being tested.

The new system doesn't use passwords but rather is knowledge-based somewhat like those the credit bureaus use when you order your free credit reports each year.

Anonymous said...

Get a SEQY and use the Online Calculator.